Forever Liss Mask Ultra Concentrated Hair Energetic Hydration Hair Care 240g/8.45fl.oz


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Ultra Concentrated Treatment Mask Vitamin Replenishment, Rebuilding and Strength Growth and vitality 240g/8.11 fl. oz

Developed with excellent properties, the Mask has a high concentration of Vitamins that replenish the capillary mass.

Created especially for people who want to replenish the necessary vitamins for the health of the capillary fiber, its composition prevents hair loss, providing strength and life to the hair.

The line is ideal for those who want to recuperate the hair from chemical processes and the constant use of the hair dryer and the straightening board, keeping the hair strong and healthy.


Apply the Energetic Hair Mask on clean and humid hair with a comb. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse abundantly with water. Finish as desired.


Frizz-free hair, rebuilt, strong and full of life.

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