Forever Liss Btx Capillary Argan Oil 0% Formaldehyde Natural cuticle sealing 250g/8.82 fl.oz


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Forever Liss Hair Btox Argan Oil Zero 0% Formaldehyde Straightening Silicon Blend Natural cuticle sealing Hydrated and restored hair 250g/8.82 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, the Hair Btox Argan Oil Zero has properties that reduce frizz. Its formula contains Blends of silicon and argan oil that correct the flaws of damaged hair, treating and restructuring the hair.

This line is ideal for those who wish to align their hair and treat it at the same time. Its active ingredients provide deep hydration and protein replacement, giving damaged and porous hair a super beautiful aspect, without frizz, smooth and hydrated.


After washing the hair with an antirresidue shampoo, follow the hair with the help of a towel and divide the hair in parts.

Using a comb or a brush, apply the Capillary Btox Argan Oil Zero to the entire length of the hair, separated into fine strands, always respecting 1cm from the root.

Let the product act according to the structure and shape of the hair:
20 minutes for slightly wavy hair.
30 minutes for more resistant hair.

After the pause time, remove the excess with a comb or a light rinse.
Remove 50% of the product (for blonde or colored hair, remove 70%). Next, dry 100% of the hair, using a brush and a hair dryer. Finish with a 10 to 15x flat iron on each lock at a temperature of 200 to 230°C (390 to 440°F).

To finish, wash the hair with plenty of water, removing any remaining product. If necessary you can apply the conditioner or a hydration mask, dry only with the help of a towel and finish as desired.

Tip from a Beauty Professional:
– Wash hair on subsequent days with shampoos with pH below 5.5;
– Treatment durability: 20 to 50 days. Do not reapply in less than 50 days;
– There are chemicals that are incompatible with Forever Liss Btox Argan Oil Zero, especially straighteners such as guanidine, henna, ammonia, lead, sodium hydroxide and other thioglycolates;
– Application of coloring must be avoided within 15 days before and 15 days after this treatment.


Incredibly beautiful, frizz-free, extremely straight, hydrated and lively hair.

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– 01 Argan Oil 0% Formaldehyde Btx Capillary 250g/8.82 fl.oz

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