Forever Liss Progressive Escova Zero Hair Realignment Natural Moisturized Hair 1L/33.8fl.oz


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Forever Liss Escova Progressiva Zero 1L/33,81fl.oz

Forever Liss Progressive ( Brushing was developed to provide nutrition and frizz reduction, promoting discipline, giving incredible shine, softness and movement to the hair.

The progressive brush acts in the reconstruction of the capillary fiber, through the brushing action and the heat of the board, providing new life to the hair, leaving it straight and hydrated.


Wash the hair with Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo of your preference and dry it with a towel.

Apply the Progressiva Zero Hair Realignment to the entire length of the hair in fine locks.

Leave it on for 40 minutes (fragile, blonde or straight hair) and 60 minutes (frizzy hair).

After the pause time remove the excess of product only with a comb or light rinse with water (remove 20% of the product on frizzy and resistant hair, up to 80% on wavy hair).

Dry 100% of the hair with a brush and blow-dryer.

Finish with a straightening board, at a temperature between 200 and 230ºC (390 to 440ºF).

After finishing, wash hair with shampoo with pH below 5.5, removing any traces of the product.

Apply conditioner, rinse and blow-dry.


Your hair is fully recovered, hydrated and intensely straight.

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