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Hair Remedy Shampoo 250ml Cadiveu

Hair Remedy Shampoo 250ml Cadiveu

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Shampoo for damaged hair. Cadiveu Hair Remedy Shampoo cleans while repairing the hair strands were damaged. It has a rich formula that restores vitality to the hair fibers.

 With high technology, Cadiveu Hair Remedy Shampoo provides powerful active hair strands, able to regenerate them. It also moisturizes to provide a strong three-dimensional brightness, very softness. His hair is clean and protected from abuse he suffered, recovering to full health.


3D Maxx Injection: unique technology that restores the hair from damage, making it more resistant. It acts in rebuilding from the inside of the hair strands, ensuring health and beauty.


Patois oil: originating in the Amazon palm tree, it is rich in essential fatty acids. It moisturizes, restoring softness of cables and to help combat porosity and protection.


Biopolymers: regenerate the hair fibers from within, promoting deep repair.


Try Cadiveu HAIR REMEDY SHAMPOO 250ml and see the results.



Apply Shampoo Hair Remedy on the damp strands and massage gently. Then rinse thoroughly. If necessary repeat the operation. Proceed using the conditioner Hair Remedy.


Tip: For best results use along with the rest of Hair Remedy line.



Your hair clean and recovered from the damages, with softness, shine and health.