Haskell Mask Murumuru Moisturizing Manteiga Hidratante Dry Hair Nutrition 1kg/35.2fl.oz


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Haskell Murumuru Moisturizing Butter Extended Nutrition for Dry Hair 1kg/35,2fl.oz

The Mask Murumuru Line has the ability to penetrate deep into the hair fiber, filling in the gaps and aligning the cuticles, restoring the hair’s natural elasticity.


Its formulation is highly nutritious and moisturizing, without any ingredient of animal origin.


Ideal for dry and undisciplined hair.


Application Advice:

After washing the hair, remove excess moisture with the aid of a towel and spread a small amount of mask through the length of the hair to the ends. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.



  • Perfectly soft, shiny, nourished and much healthier hair.

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