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Maria Escandalosa Escova Progressiva was developed for the treatment and hair restructuring of curly, frizzy and voluminous hair. It is ideal to grant the straightening of the threads, reduce the volume and hydrate at the same time.


02un – Anti-residue Shampoo Scandalous 1000ml: Specially made with a hydrating complex of vegetal extracts and Argan oil, to treat and restore the threads.

The treatment promotes an intensive cleaning to the threads, allowing the opening of the scales and removing all the residues and pollution that are deposited in the layers of the hair cuticles, making them heavy, without shine, without life and removing the action of nutrients and actives. It acts in the hygienization of the threads without compromising its structure, due to its high pH it opens the hair cuticles preparing the threads leaving them ready for the treatment.

02un- Scandalous Volume Reduction Mask 1000ml: Developed with a hydrating blend based on Argan oil, which promotes volume reduction, bunches relaxation, repair and recovery of brittle threads, caused by other chemical processes.

In a single step reduces frizz, besides restoring the keratin of the threads, providing shine and softness. Keeping its natural aspect.

Application Advice

Anti-Residue Shampoo Scandalous: Apply a sufficient amount of the Anti-Residue Shampoo Scandalous on the hair, massaging all over it, until obtaining a rich and creamy foam.

Let it act for a few minutes, rinse and repeat the process until the cuticles are completely opened.

Scandalous Volume Reduction Mask: Debt the hair in four parts. Dry 90% of the threads, then apply the Scandalous Volume Reducing Mask, lock by lock distributing throughout the hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes, brush and finish with a board in fine strands from the root to the ends. Rinse and finish.


Bright, revitalized and naturally straight hair.

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