Kit Braé Bon Angel Plex Effect Professional After Chemical Protector/Reconstructor 3x500ml/3×16.9 fl.oz


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Braé Bond Angel Plex Effect Professional Post Chemical Process Protector/Builder Kit 3x500ml/16.9 fl.oz

Developed with excellent actives, Braé Bond Angel has a blend of hydrolyzed micromolecules, which acts on the hair’s resistance to any stress caused by chemical products.

Formulated to treat hair, it is ideal to maintain at home the treatment performed at the salon. Its composition is light and is quickly absorbed by the hair.

The line is ideal to provide stronger and healthier hair during any chemical transformation, especially discoloration.


Add 2ml of Braé Bond Angel Step .01 to each 10g of bleaching powder. Add the desired hydrogen peroxide and mix until smooth, apply normally to hair and rinse.

Apply 15 to 20ml of Braé Bond Angel Step .02 on hair. Comb through spreading evenly. Leave applied for 15 minutes and rinse. Apply Shampoo or toner as desired.


Protected, strong, resistant and incredibly beautiful hair.

Package Contents

– 01 Braé Bond Angel Step n°01 Chemical Process Protector 500ml/16.9 fl.oz
– 02 Braé Bond Angel Step n°02 Post Chemical Restorer 2x500ml/16.9 fl.oz

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