Kit Lowell Cacho Mágico Shampoo Cream Modeler Fluid Activator Curls


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Kit Lowell Cacho Mágico Shampoo Cream Modeler Fluid Activator Curls

Specially developed for curly hair, the Magic Curl Functional Shampoo Magic Poo, by Lowell, has a soft and delicate cleansing action. Free of sulfate, parabens and petrolatum, it promotes the natural and protective hydration of curls with a pleasant and non-greasy sensory.

The Modeling Cream Magic Curl Lowell has a formula enriched with Blend of vegetable oils that allows curls in their best shape.

Lowell Cacho Mágico Fluid Curl Activator promotes the spring effect in curls and helps keep them loose, light, modeled and frizz-free for much longer. Ideal to activate the curls in the “after day” with a lot of softness, a practical solution, efficient and indispensable for your day to day.


Apply Magic Poo Magic Curl Shampoo evenly on wet hair and gently massage in circular motions.

Apply a quantity of Cacho Mágico Curl Styling Cream in your hands, spread it and apply it strand by strand.

Spray the Curl Activator Fluid directly on dry or wet hair, lock by lock, and activate the curls.


Gentle cleansing keeps curls loose, light, shapely and frizz-free.

Package Contents

  • 01 Lowell Cacho Mágico Magic Poo Functional Shampoo 500ml/16.9 fl.oz
  • 01 Lowell Magic Curl Styling Cream 500g/17.6 fl.oz
  • 01 Lowell Cacho Mágico Curl Activator Fluid 200ml/6.76 fl.oz

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