Let Me Be Hair Botox Pro Repair Ultra Mask Reduces Volume Hair Care 500g/16.9fl.oz


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The Let Me Be Pro Repair Mask has a formulation rich in coconut oil, keratin, collagen and conditioning polymer of high performance, which under thermal activation restores the extremely damaged hair.

In addition, it helps to promote intense reconstruction and nutrition of the hair strands, providing hair with much more shine, softness, volume reduction and frizz control.

Botox Effect: 0% formaldehyde, 100% straight, does not discolor, 1 single step, does not need pre-washing and restores damaged hair.

Application Advice

Apply Let Me Be Pro Repair Mask to dry or damp hair lock by lock along the length of the hair, leave on for 40 minutes, rinse, dry 100% and divide into locks, brush and straighten into fine locks. Rinse and dry to finish.

Tip: The use of the product must be performed by a professional.


Hair with much more shine, softness and frizz control.

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Taty c.

I’m very happy with this purchase!

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Marli Lilja
Amazing Product

I am very happy with this purchase and have already recommended it to people I know. The thing I like the most is that it does the job and does not take away my curls, but makes my hair more manageable and super soft.