Let Me Be Conditioner Intense Max Repair Manteiga Karite Lipid Replenishment 240ml/8.11fl.oz


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Let Me Be Intense Max Conditioner Repair Lipid Replenishment Shea Butter Hydration and Nutrition 240ml/8.11fl.oz

Let Me Be Intense Max Conditioner, indicated for dry and opaque hair. It is a professional product, its composition contains quinoa, abacate extract and shea butter, which supplies the capillary hydration needs.

The Intense Max conditioner ensures hair health because it offers nutrients to the capillary fiber.

Its formula does not contain silicones, which avoids the heavy aspect. It nourishes lifeless hair, moisturizing and leaving it soft.


With clean and humid hair, apply the Intense Max conditioner, leave it on for 3 minutes.

Rinse well and finish as desired.

Note: We do not recommend that you use the conditioner on the roots, because it can deregulate the oiliness and cause dandruff. Therefore, apply only to the lengths and ends, so as not to compromise the health of the scalp.


Moisturized and healthy hair, with movement and shine.

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– 01 Intense Max Let Me Be Conditioner 240ml/8.11fl.oz

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