Let Me Be Emulsão Reveladora Revealing Emulsion Hydrogen Peroxide 20 Volumes 1L/33.8fl.oz


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Let Me Be Ox 20 volumes 6% is indicated for activating coloring and oxidizing and bleaching powder. Its creaminess and consistency facilitate mixing with the coloring mass and dispersion of the bleaching powder and should be used in the proportion indicated in the use of both oxidizing and bleaching powder.

Provides protection and simultaneous cosmetic treatment of hydration and emollience while enhancing the action of coloring and bleach. Milk Protein Enriched Formula that gives hair greater strength, flexibility and smoothness.


In a non-metallic container follow the recommended dosage for coloring or bleaching powder.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water. In case of irritation discontinue use and seek medical attention. Keep in a cool place.

Result: Hair with the desired tone and hydrated.

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