Lola Cosmetics Mask Be(M)dita Ghee Hydration Dull Hair Banana Aloe Vera Hair Care 350g/11.83fl.oz


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Lola Cosmetics presents her collection of fruit vegetable butters for hair care. Our Ghees are not ordinary masks, but vegan, vegetable and organic fruit butters. They are made from coconut water, which is known to be rich in amino acids.
Its texture is perfect for hair application, there is no need to heat it. With perfumes that come from essential oils and fragrances with vegetable solvents, so they keep all their glamour. And although they are called butter, they are not edible! 
Highly emollient, providing deep hydration for long-lasting, opaque hair, without shine and in need of water replacement.
Remove 2 to 3 spoons and apply on hands. Emulsify to spread on hair and apply from length to ends, just after the shampoo of your preference. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove all excess. It is not necessary to use conditioner. Use weekly or when it is necessary the process of hydration of the hair.
New hair, full of life and healthy as ever.

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Favorite place to ship products

Fell in love with this deep conditioner while living in Brazil and it's the only thing my boyfriend uses now. Super trustworthy importer with excellent packaging!