Kit Lowell Descolorantes Color Bleaching Powder + Emulsão Revelaroda Ox 05/20/30/40 Volumes


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Lowell Bleach Kit is suitable for bleaching processes. Its formula is composed of Argan Oil, which helps to protect the hair fiber and scalp, as well as promoting differentiated shine and softness to the hair. For best performance, use the product in the amount indicated for each procedure.

Contains: Lowell Color Bleaching Powder Ultra Fast Whitening 9 Tones 400g/13.52fl.oz: Lightens Up To 9 Tones, Dust-Free. It has in its formula the hydrolyzed collagen protein, which penetrates the cortex and offers firmness and protection to the hair fiber, increasing the strength and shine of hair.
Lowell Color Argan Oil Activating Emulsion 5 Volumes 900g.
Lowell Color Revealing Emulsion With Argan Ox oil 20 volumes 900g.
Lowell Color Developing Emulsion With Argan Ox Oil 30 volumes 900g.
Lowell Color Revealing Emulsion With Argan Ox oil 40 volumes 900g.
Application: In a non-metallic container, mix the lowell color ammonia powder bleach with the lowell color developer emulsion in 1: 2 or 1: 3 proportions, with the ideal viscosity being 1: 2, ie with each bleach measure add two measurements of the revealing emulsion. For ease of use the meter that comes with the package. Apply to dry and unwashed hair. Wear gloves.
For sensitive yarns and leather, apply lowell color pre-chemical keratin prior to the procedure. The break time should be controlled according to the desired degree of whitening. After break, rinse with warm water and wash with shampoo.
Hair with the desired color and shine.

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