Lowell Elmusão Reveladora Color Developing Emulsion With Argan Oil 40 Volumes – 900g/31.7fl.oz


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Lowell Color Developing Emulsion 40 Volumes is suitable for staining and discoloration processes. It is stabilized and promotes constant volume. Its formula is enriched with Argan Oil, which helps in the protection of hair fiber and scalp, besides providing differentiated shine and softness to the hair.
For best results, use the product in the amount indicated for each procedure.
Touch Proof: Prepares some of the product as if it were to be used. Apply a small amount to the forearm or behind the ear. Wash the place after 10 minutes and wait 24 hours. If during this period itching, burning or irritation occurs on or near the product, it may not be used.
Hair in the desired color.

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