Lowell Tonic Dynamic Recovery Growth Nutrition Protects Scalp Hair Care Tônico 60ml/2fl.oz


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The Lowell Dynamic Line contains a formula enriched with Biotin (Vitamin H) and Pro Vitamin B5 that promotes the recovery and strengthening of the hair, promoting healthy hair growth. The Dynamic Lowell Tonic was developed with biotechnological innovation to reactivate and protect scalp cells and revitalize a new hair cycle. It offers high nutrition to hair follicles, promotes growth, reduces hair loss and possible scalp irritations.

Mode of Application:

Shake before use. After washing hair with Dynamic, remove excess water from the hair and apply Lowell Dynamic Tonic over the entire length of the scalp, massaging it completely and gently. Do not rinse.
Dry naturally or leave to work for 10 minutes before using the dryer.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of scalp irritation, discontinue use.


Healthier, nourished and revitalized growing hair.

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