Lowell Shampoo Liso Mágico Keeping Liss Smooth Moisturizing 240ml/8.11fl.oz


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The Keeping Liss Magic Smooth Shampoo has a gentle and moisturizing formula. Its creamy foam cleans and at the same time promotes smoother and smoother texture to the hair. Enriched with amino acids and seaweed polysaccharides, the shampoo prolongs the hair straightening and forms a protective film that seals, removes frizz, discipline and yet delivers differentiated luster. 

Try the LOWELL KEEPING LISS MAGIC FLAT SHAMPOO HYDRATING 240ml/8.11fl.oz and check the results.

Application: Apply Keeping Liss Magic Smooth Shampoo on damp hair and massage until you get plenty of lather. Rinse until complete removal of product and repeat operation. Then use the Keeping Liss Magic Smooth Conditioner.

Tip: Use the full line for greater smooth effect.

Result: Chemical free smooth effect.

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