Madamelis Btox Pro Control Mask Intensive Recovery All Hair Types Hydration Hair Care 1Kg/35.2fl.oz


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Btox Control Mask is a complete treatment with hair mass replacement that mainly serves the hair that needs volume reduction, alignment, sealing and can also be used for hydration. For frizz-free and lifeless hair they are transformed into restored hair without frizz and with an intense shine. For hair with little volume or hair already with progressive brushes it maintains the straight effect for longer thus preserving the health of the hair. 
Use an Anti Residue Shampoo
Then rinse. Dividing the hair into 4 parts and using a brush, apply the mask spreading evenly on locks all over the hair 
Wait 20 to 40 minutes (if you prefer to use a burrow) and rinse all the hair. For hydration, let the hair dry naturally. For a volume reduction effect and to activate the shine, after the rinse, brush and board the hair in fine locks 
Straight, moisturized, frizz-free, shiny and soft hair

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