Zap Mask Selante Verniz Moisturizing and Intense Brightness Varnish 950g/33.5fl.oz.


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Zap Sealant Varnish Bath is a mask of disciplinante treatment, developed to reduce the volume and frizz of the hair, which contains in its formula conditioning and moisturizing agents, which provide emollience, softness and hydration eliminating the volume of the hair, granting the sealing of the wires. Zap Varnish Bath Nourish, repair, deeply treat the hair fiber, restoring the damage caused by daily actions and chemical procedures, such as progressive, coloring and discoloration, revitalizing the hair strand, providing easy combing and movement, returning the natural shine of the hair.

Application :

With clean, moist hair, apply a sufficient amount of the product, always massaging the hair, for the active moisturizer to introduce into the hair. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off the entire product and finish as desired.

Result : Hydrated and shiny hair, totally free of frizz and volume.

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