Kit Natura Colônia Ekos Deodorant Colony Fresh Açaí/Pitanga/Maracujá/Castanha 4x150ml/4×5.07fl.oz


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Kit with all our Colonies Deodorants inspired by the most striking fragrances in Brazil.
CHESTNUT FRESHNESS: Brings warm and enveloping notes combined with the fresh touch of citrus notes, which bring a feeling of care and well-being.
FRESHNESS AÇAÍ: Combines light and fresh flowers with a touch of red and purple fruits.
FRESHNESS PASSION: Brings the contrast between the sweet sourness of the pulp and passion fruit seeds surrounded by comfortable notes. Refreshing bath and comfort.
FRESHNESS PITANGA: Reddish fragrance in an explosion of vibrant and radiant citruses, providing a tonic bath, full of life and joy.

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