Natura Bar Soap Mamãe Bebê Sabonete Infantil For Your Baby’s 5x100g/5×3.52fl.oz


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Natura Mamãe Bebê Bar soap quintet

Natura Mamãe Bebê is ideal for your baby’s bath, leaving its skin soft, light and smelling.

Natura Mamãe Bebê has a vegan formula which offers the essential for the light and delicate cleaning of baby’s sensible skin, and can be used since the first bath. It doesn’t dry the skin and doesn’t irritate the eyes.


With the baby’s body wet, spread the soap over the desired part until it forms a foam.

Then rinse and enjoy the result.


Your baby with fragrant, soft and impurity-free skin

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  • 01 Natura Mamãe Bebê Quintet of Bar Soaps


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