Natura Body Splash TodoDia Macadâmia Deodorant Cologne After Bath 200ml/6.76fl.oz


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Natura TodoDia Cologne Deodorant Body Splash Macadamia Intense Cooling 200ml/6.76fl.oz

Macadâmia Body Spray provides well-being to your day and can be used at any time, resulting in a wonderful impact to your skin.


With a fragrance that joins the freshness and creaminess of macadâmia, Tododia Body Spray is the ideal detail for your daily care routine. Immediately after leaving the bath, it fixes that refreshing smell it involves. Bringing to your day a feeling of softness and comfort.



After bathing, apply the desired amount throughout the body. 



Your scented and refreshing body 


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01 Natura TodoDia Deodorant Cologne

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