Kit O Boticário Moisturizing Lotion Duo Bar Soap Cuide-se Bem Leite Mel Hidratante Sabonete 2 Units


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O Boticario Kit Cuide-se Bem Leite e Mel Body Deodorant Lotion 400ml/14.1oz + Duo Bar Soap Leite e Mel

A kit that provides the best in hydration and for your skin from inside out, containing a powerful moisturizer of delicious fragrance. So it is the Cuide-se Bem Leite e Mel.

The Cuide-se Bem Leite e Mel Soap Bar contains two bar soaps that will help to cleanse your skin deeply, removing all the residues without drying up, besides liberating an intense fragrance.


For the soaps, massage over the humid skin until creating foam, then rinse;

For the Hydrating Lotion, apply over the skin and massage until it is absorbed.

Package contents

  • 01 Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion
  • 02 Bar Soaps


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