Kit Perfect Liss Progressive Anti-Frizz Complete Treatment pH Stabilizer Professional Use 3 Units


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Perfect Liss Anti-Frizz Treatment Kit Progressive Brush Straightening Shampoo Conditioner and pH Stabilizer

Developed with intelligent technology Perfect Liss Tourmaline, acts in the function of smoothing the hair and provides an extremely sensational shine.

Its formula contains excellent properties with powerful amino acid actives that guarantee an incredible smoothing.

In addition, the line was created with three steps each one with a perfect combination to promote high smoothing power.


With hair damp, apply Perfect Liss Dilator Shampoo to promote cleansing, inducing massage to open hair cuticles.

After the procedure wait 5 minutes until you feel that the hair is rough, rinse well and if necessary repeat the process again.
Dry 80% to 100% of the hair, without combing it, divide it in 4 parts.

Soon after, with clean hair apply with the help of a brush the Perfect Liss Anti Frizz Treatment conditioner, shake the bottle well before using it. After the procedure rinse well and if necessary repeat the process again.

Use a hair dryer to align the hair and then divide into 4 parts and use a professional flat iron, lock by lock, 15 to 25 times. At the end of the procedure let it pause for 5 minutes.

At the end of the application, apply the Balancer System Perfect Liss Step 3, along the entire length of the hair, massage gently and leave applied for 5 minutes. Rinse well and finish as desired

Hair extremely aligned, emollient and with incredible shine.

Package Contents
– 01 Perfect Liss Dilating Shampoo Step 1- 1L/33.81 fl.ozoo
– 01 Perfect Liss Anti Frizz Treatment Conditioner Step 2 -1,25L/42 fl.oz
– 01 Perfect Liss Balancer System Step 3 – 1L/33.81 fl. oz

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