Payot Paleta Bem Basiquinha Pink Mouth Eyeshadow Palette Well Payot 6 Tone Trend 6g/0.21fl.oz


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Payot Boca Rosa Very Basque Eyeshadow Palette with 6 shades of matte and shimmering finish. It has versatile colors and harmonics with each other.

Payot’s Pretty Basque Boca Rosa Eyeshadow Palette features ultra-fine micronized particle formulas that provide high fixation, durability and perfect adhesion from the first application. It has velvety and super comfortable texture. It’s perfect for creating variable looks that highlight the look.

Application: With a eyeshadow brush, pick the desired color, remove excess product, and bring to the eyelid. Apply with back and forth movements or tapping. Smear with a fluffy brush for a natural finish.


A striking look with intense and versatile colors.

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