Portier Violet Mask Ciclos Btox Violet Reconstructive Mask Care With Blond Volume Control 1Kg/35.2fl.oz


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Portier Ciclos Btox Violet has Ultra Blue and Violet that are active that illuminate light hair. Its action neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, bringing color and preventing the hair from fading. Formulated with cocoa and excellent emollient, nourishing and shine-giving properties that glaze the threads like a protective film, restoring the natural look on the hair leaving it light and loose.


Wet your hair then apply an anti-residue shampoo of your choice, massaging all hair from root to tip;

Rinse. Repeat the application for two more times, and in the last application, let it act for a maximum of 20 minutes checking the cuticle opening;

After washing the hair with the shampoo, apply PORTIER CICLOS B-BTOX strand by strand, covering the hair along the entire length of the strands;

Wait for a break time of 20 to 40 minutes;

Rinse. Finish with a hairdryer and straightener to seal the entire hair.


Soft and realigned hair with shine and deep hydration.

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Cynthia D
Zero frizz and fast blow-dry

I have curly, thin hair. I was looking for a mask to hydrate and control a little bit of the curls and make an easy and fast blow-dry. The mask does that. If I leave my hair air dry, the curls are controlled with no frizz at all.

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