Kit Let Me Be Progressive Supreme Mask Keratin Intense Shine Frizz-Free Hair Care 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Progressive Let Me Be Supreme Control provides the hair strand restructure and thermal realignment capillary, has in its formula resinous oils with high anti-frizz power and emollient, thus providing a volume reduction and perfect realignment, giving a disciplined and smooth effect for much longer .

Contains :

Deep Cleansing Supreme Liss 1Litro /33.81.fl.oz. Shampoo (Step 1): Deep cleanses the free radicals accumulated in the hair fiber. Its effective action balances the pH of the threads and promotes the dilatation of the cuticles to receive the application of the conditioning on the threads.

Keratin Smoothing 1Litro /33.81.fl.oz.(Step 2): Promotes repair and restructuring of hair fiber. Its formula obtained through the maceration of garnia flowers, has multi beneficial action that penetrates, nourishes and realigns the capillary structure, controlling the unwanted dryness of the threads.

Application :

Apply a small amount of the Let Me BeShampooDeep Cleansing Supreme Liss on damp hair and massage until you notice a good amount of foam. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process two more times. In the last application, leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse. After the process of opening the cuticles with the Let Me Be Deep Cleansing Shampoo, apply the Let Me Be Volume Stencil 2 on wet hair, starting at the root and spreading throughout the length. Do not rinse. Dry the hair with a dryer and wick board until you notice the sealing of the cuticles.

Results :  Fully healthy hair, aligned hair fiber, softness, intense shine and a natural smooth for much longer.

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