Kit Richée Progressive Bioplástica BB Ilumine Leave-in Multifunctional Repositor Massa NanoBtx


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Richée Professional Bioplástica Progressive Brush reduces the volume of unruly and unruly hair. Its formula enriched with highly nutritious ingredients will leave your hair with a smooth effect and with a renewed structure.

Richée Professional Bioplástica restores hydration to the hair fiber, essential for the health and movement of your hair. While the Richée Professional Bioplástica formulation acts on form and texture with the volume reduction system, nourishing agents recover the vitality and strength of the hair.

After using Richée Professional Bioplastic, your hair will be renewed, with natural smooth effect and much healthier.

Mass Repository Richée Professional Nano Btx Repair treats hair that has undergone chemical processes or that is already damaged. Its concentrated formulation acts on the entire length of the hair fiber, making it more dense and resistant.

Richée Professional BB Lighten Leave-in for all hair types. Multifunctional brings complete care that protects, conditions, repairs damaged areas of hair fiber and prevents breakage. Combines finishing benefits with treatment to make your hair healthier, brighter and softer.


Richée Professional Bioplástica Anti-Residue Shampoo 1 Liter: deeply cleans and prepares the hair to receive the treatment.

Richée Professional Bioplastic Thread Texturizer 1 Liter: reduces hair volume and deeply moisturizes with nourishing agents.

Richée Nanobtx Repair Mass Repository 500g: gradually reconstructs and restores the cells that make up the hair.

Richée Professional BB Light Multifunctional Leave-in 210 ml: Brings complete care that protects, conditions, repairs damaged areas of the hair fiber and prevents breakage.


1- On wet hair, apply shampoo and massage the scalp, the length and ends of the strands until they form foam. Rinse and repeat the operation.

2- Divide the hair into 6 parts and apply the hair texturizer to each strand, keeping a distance of 1.5 cm from the root.

3- Dry the hair completely with the jet of cold air from the dryer.

4- Plank thin strands 10 to 15 times.

5- Finish as you wish.

NOTE: Wear gloves during treatment.


Hair under control, vitalized and with natural smooth effect.

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Super! I reccomend UPS.

Thank you very much for the parcel. UPS is much better than DHL EXPRESS
DHL was forced to sign conditions with them, and the tax was always huge (more than 500 zl), this time was the PCA, arrived in 14 days. duty 200 zł.
much less. in terms of integrity, all but one keratin. thank you.

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