Kit Richée Argan and Ojon Treatment Complete Home Care


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Kit Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Treatment replenishes hydration and nutrition for progressive brush wires or that are dry and look damaged. Cleans, conditions, treats and protects, besides prolonging the smooth effect with natural movement.

The products of Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Kit have been developed with high technology to nourish the threads intensely, to repair its structure and to protect them against the daily aggressions. Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Kit will provide a complete care ritual for your hair, making it much healthier, brighter and smoother.


Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Shampoo 250ml: cleanses smoothly and prolongs the smooth effect of hair with progressive brush.

Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Conditioner 250ml: conditions after washing, closing the scales of the threads and avoiding dryings and damages.

Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Masque 150g: deeply treats hair fiber and recovers lost hydration, elasticity and shine.

Richée Professional Argan and Ojon Leave-in 250ml: controls the volume and enhances the smooth effect.

Action Argan oil: rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, responsible for the protection and brightness of the wires. Oil of Ojon: known as ‘Caribbean miracle’, it rescues the softness, flexibility and brightness. D-Panthenol: preserves the natural hydration inside the yarn, leaving it flexible and well taken care of.


Application: Wash the threads with the Argan and Ojon Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp, length and ends of the strands. Then rinse and, if necessary, repeat the operation. Separate the hair into 4 parts and apply the Argan and Ojon Mask from the length to the tips, wrapping each wick for greater absorption of the active. If you prefer, use a metal or plastic cap. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Apply Argan and Ojon Conditioner only on length and ends, untangling hair. Let it act for a few moments and remove completely with water. Distribute the leave-in by wires styling them any way you want. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Argan and Ojon line together.

Result Protected wires, with renewed brightness and softness.