Richée Óleo Hidratante Argan and Ojon Moisturizing Finishing Oil 9ml/0.30fl.oz


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Richée Professional Argan and Ojon brings the combination of the oils of Argan and Ojon, light texture and highly emollient. Can be used as finisher, antifrizz and to donate luster. The blend of argan and ojon oils offers a rich source of fatty acids, responsible for nourishing and creating a protective barrier in fiber, vitamins A and E, that act against the damage caused by pollution, heat tools and chemical actions. With the Richée Professional Argan and Ojon capillary oil, your wires will be shiny, soft and with natural movement.

Action Argan Oil: 

Source of fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, which protect and restore the vitality of the yarns. Ojon Oil: extracted from the walnut of a Caribbean palm, it is known for its emollient and protective action on hair. Try RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL ARGAN AND OJON OIL RESTORE WIRING 9ml and see results.

Application: Apply a few drops of Argan Oil to the palm of your hands and rub. Distribute evenly on length and ends. Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Argan and Ojon line together.

Result: Your hair will look shiny and incredibly soft.

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