Kit Richée Shampoo Conditioner Mask BB Cream Home Care


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Richée Professional BB Cream Triple Kit contains three intensive care products for wires with progressive brushes or in need of repair of damages. Cleans, conditions and treats, offering 10 real health care for capillary fiber.

Richée Professional BB Cream Triple Kit offers 10 different benefits according to the need of the yarn: it reduces volume and frizz, repairs yarn structure, protects against damage caused by heat tools, nourishes, strengthens, facilitates brushing, moisturizes , activates brightness and restores softness.

With Richée Professional BB Cream Kit Triple, your wires will always be well cared for and nourished in day!


Richée Professional BB Cream 250ml Shampoo: cleans while treating the damage of the hair fiber.

Richée Professional BB Cream Conditioner 250ml: conditions after washing and seals the protective scales.

Richée Professional BB Cream 150g Multi Benefit Mask: Treats the inner and outer part of the yarn, replenishing important nutrients and yarn protection.

Keratin: strengthens the capillary structure and the scales responsible for yarn protection. Proteins: it returns the capillary mass to the wires, restructuring its fibers. Amino acids: rebuild and replace the lost mass, leaving hair more full.


Application: With wet wires, apply the BB Cream Shampoo to the root, length and ends. Massage the scalp to activate circulation. Rinse, and if necessary, repeat the operation.

Divide the hair into 4 strands and apply the BB Cream Treatment Mask to the length and ends. Enluve the wicks for greater penetrability of the assets. If you prefer, use a metal or plastic cap to enhance the action of the cosmetic. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Spread the Conditioner BB Cream from the length to the tips and untwist the wires. Let it act for a few moments and remove completely.

Tip: For best results use together with the rest of the BB Cream line.

Result: Hair well treated, strengthened, shiny and with a feeling of softness.