Richée Shampoo BB Cream Smooth Chemically Processed Hair Daily Use 250ml/8.4fl.oz


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The Richée Professional BB Cream shampoo cleans and offers 10 essential treatments for the health and beauty of the hair: protection, nutrition, strengthening, softness, repair, frizz control, protection against heat, shine and easy brushing.
The Richée Professional BB Cream shampoo formulation takes protein, keratin and amino acids, which strengthen, reconstruct the capillary structure and replenish the lost mass due to chemical processes, thermal tools and time actions. Its use ensures delicately sanitized and well-kept hair every day.

Action: Amino acids: reconstruct and replace the lost mass Keratin: strengthens the capillary structure and the scales responsible for protecting the threads Proteins: returns the capillary mass to the threads, leaving them more restructured and full-bodied.

Application: On wet strands, apply an amount of shampoo according to the length of the hair and gently massage the root, length and ends. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the operation.

Tip: For best results use together with the rest of the BB Cream line.


Clean and well-kept hair.

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