Richée Shampoo Clinic Repair System 250ml/8.45fl.oz


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Shampoo for all types of hair. Richée Professional Clinic Repair System eliminates the dry look with its highly moisturizing and nourishing formula, which leaves the wires soft, healthy and luminous.

The Richée Professional Clinic Repair System formula is made with nanospheres of cereals, vitamins and amino acids that release the active ingredients gradually into the fragile areas by replenishing the hydration and aligning the cuticles. Shortly after use, you can feel shiny, frizz-free and more resistant to aggression.


Cereal and Multivitamin Nanospheres: ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of the strands and replenish hydration, nourish intensely and increase resistance against aggressions.

Try it out: RICHÉE PROFESSIONAL CLINIC REPAIR SYSTEM SHAMPOO 250ml/8.45 fl.oz and see results.

Application: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage the scalp and wires with your fingertips until foam forms. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the process.

Tip: For best results, use the rest of the Clinic Repair System line.

Result: Soft hair to the touch, with recovered hydration and healthy glow.