Kit Richee Progressive BB Cream Frizz-Free Naturally Straight Hair Care Alisamento 3x1L/3×33.8fl.oz


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Richée Professional’s LISO BB CREAM line is designed to promote a smooth effect with natural movement and flexible, easy-to-shape strands, even on blonde hair, thanks to Active Reducer with violet pigments that prevent fading and yellowing. It also promotes another 10 benefits for hair treatment. Amino acid, keratin and protein formulas that provide complete care.

Application: On wet hair, apply BB Creame Anti-Residue Shampoo BB Creame rub in the opposite direction. Rinse well and repeat this process until the hair is completely free of debris.
Shake Active Smooth Reducer BB Creators to use. On slightly damp hair, with the help of a brush and comb, apply BB Creamy Smooth Reducing Asset, attach the hair from root to tip. Let it work for 50 to 90 minutes, which is the longest action time for curly hair. Active Reducer’s violet pigments prevent hair from fading and yellowing.
After the required time, remove excess product from the sink. For blonde hair with lights or streaks, remove 100% of the product.
Use a brush to pre-align the wires and separate the small ones. Pranche locks the lock 8 to 15 times.
Rinse your hair and apply the Multi Benefit Mask by sliding from root to tip. Let it act for 10 minutes.
Rinse well.
Finish as desired (flat iron or dryer).
Result: Protected straight hair without frizz and very bright.

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Richee Smooth BB Cream Brazilian Keratin

OMG! this product is the best! My Wavy full head of hairs is now smooth, silky and with a lot of movement. It was true to its advertising. it also does not smell bad, which other product do. I totally recommend this product. My hair looks beautiful and best of all natural. love it!