Soupleliss Pó Descolorante Platinum Plex Bleaching Powder Dust Free Blond 9 Tones 500g/17.6fl.oz


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The Platinum Plex Souple Liss 500g Bleaching Powder is a uniform and progressive hair bleach to be used in all hair bleaching techniques.

Application advice

In a non-metallic container, mix in proportion of one measure of Bleaching Powder Platinum Blond Blue Souple Liss for two measures of Ox in the appropriate volume for the chosen technique, until obtaining a homogeneous and creamy consistency, then apply the mixture with a brush on the locks desired. The time of action should be controlled by the professional according to the desired degree of whitening. After the break time, rinse with warm water and wash your hair with Shampoo


Bleached and uniform hair.

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