Soupleliss B-tox Mask Gold Liss Capillary Restructuring Mask With Btox Effect Hair Care 1kg/35.27fl.oz


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The Gold Souple Liss line brings you the best hair realignment line in the market, because it has the Gold drops formed by Blend de Argan, Mirra and Monoi, bringing beauty, restructuring and much more realignment to your hair.

Gold Liss Souple Liss provides your hair with a powerful natural and long-lasting hair restructuring, in addition to regenerating the hair fiber in an intense way, generating more beautiful, healthy and full of life hair.

Application Tip

After washing the hair with the Shampoo, dry the hair with a 70% to 100% dryer and divide into four equal parts. With the help of a brush, apply the lock by lock massaging the hair carefully, leaving it to act for 20 minutes. Given the pause time, rinse the hair removing all the product, dry, brush and to straighten the hair use the flat iron in fine lock from 5 to 10 times each lock with the flat iron from 180°C to 190°C. Finalize as you desire.


Prettier, healthier and fuller life hair.

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