Kit Tyrrel Shampoo Mask Honung Honey Collagen Replenishing Mel Capilar Hair Care 2x500ml/2×16.9fl.oz


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Tyrrel Collagen Replenisher Kit Shampoo & Mask 2x500ml/16, 90fl.oz

The Reconstructor Shampoo ( replenishes vegetable proteins and amino acids bi identical to the hair fiber, providing intense cleansing and repair.

The Hydro Lipidic Mask ( is enriched with vegetable butters and oils recomposing the essential fatty acids to the hair fiber, with high power of repair and replacement of hair mass.


Wash the hair with the Collagen Replenishment Cosmetic Shampoo, use it 2 times and repeat if necessary. Pause for 3 minutes to maintain the effectiveness of the gentle cleansing action.
For a better result, use the complete Honung Honey line and follow the steps below:
Apply the Tyrrel Collagen Replenishing Mask Hair Honey and leave on for a few minutes.
Then start applying the Tyrrel Hidrolipidic Mask Protein Replenishment lock by lock aligning and gluing the hair. Leave applied for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and remove all the product.
Finish as desired.


Your hair is repaired, hydrated and deeply cleansed.

Package Contents
– Tyrrel – Hair Honey Collagen Replenishing Shampoo 500ml/16, 90fl.oz
– Tyrrel – Hair Honey Protein Replenishment Hydrolipidic Mask 500ml/16, 90fl.oz

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