Zap Ztox Matiz Mask Hydration Tinting and Discipline Btox Matizador Hair Care 950g/33.5fl.oz


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The Zap Ztox Matiz Matizadora Line provides nourishment, restoring vitality to the hair, providing softness, emollience and ease. Recovers the natural beauty of the hair through deep hydration and keeps the treated hair extremely shiny for much longer, and produces a conditioning effect.


With your hair already clean and slightly damp, uniformly apply a sufficient quality of Ztox Matiz Matizadora, over the entire length of the hair, strand by strand, covering each strand and massaging the ends. Let stand for 20 minutes. Rinse with water to remove excess product. Make a pre-brush, flatten the hair in small strands and finish as desired.


Hair perfectly aligned, without frizz, shiny and long lasting smooth effect.

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