Adcos Filler Up Concentrated Volumizing Gel Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Skin Care Treatment 50g/1.69 oz


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Adcos Filler Up Concentrate Volumizing Gel Anti-aging Rejuvenation Skin Care Treatment Balances Volumes Redensifies and Fills Wrinkles 50g/1.69 oz

Developed with excellent assets, Adcos Filler Up Concentrate Volumizer is an anti-aging gel indicated for all skin types, stimulates collagen production, restores softness and flexibility of the skin.

Its formula has volumizing peptide with proven effectiveness that provides to the skin improvement and firmness, through its assets that increase the production of youth proteins and collagen.

The line is ideal for those who want a treatment that recovers facial contours, redefining them and reducing wrinkles, providing firmness to the skin, leaving the features more harmonious.


After cleansing the face, apply daily in the morning and evening, massaging until completely absorbed.

ADCOS TIP: After cleansing the face correctly and before using the Filler Up Volumizing Concentrate, use the Filler Up Tonic Tensor. It acts protecting, nourishing, moisturizing and also promotes visible and immediate face lifting effect.


Hydrated skin, rejuvenating effect, treats flaccidity, reduces wrinkles and expression lines.
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