Adcos Peppermint Peeling Brightening Anti-Aging Treatment Regenerates and Brightens Skin 100g/3.38. oz


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Adcos Lightening Mint Peeling Anti-aging Treatment Regenerates and Brightens Skin Vegan 100g/3.38. oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Lightening Mint Peeling offers intense and safe exfoliation, anti-aging treatment, and revitalizes and brightens the skin.

Exfoliation is an important step in the daily skin care routine, because it allows the removal of dead cells that hinder the natural process of cell renewal.

Soon after the exfoliation, it is possible to notice instantaneous benefits in softness and luminosity, especially in more mature skins.

Its formula has excellent properties that allow easy application and removal when removing the product from the skin.


After hygienizing the face, apply the Mint Peeling on the skin and massage it in circular movements. Massage carefully when the skin is thinner and/or more sensitive. Remove, initially, with a dry compress and then moistened with water.

For capillary peeling, apply the product between the hair roots and make circular movements (as if it were a massage in the region). Wait a few minutes and wash your hair before shampooing. The process can be done 1 to 2 times a week.


Renewed, regenerated and incredibly radiant skin.

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