Adcos Melan-Off Treatment Cream Antiaging Skin Care Antioxidant Action 30g/1.01 fl.oz


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Adcos Melan-Off Treatment Skin Care Anti-Aging Lightening Cream Antioxidant Action Hydrates Revitalizes Improves Texture and Radiance Vegan 30g/1.01 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Melan-Off Whitening Cream contains anti-aging action, which leaves skin luminous and even-toned. Designed for all skin tones, can be used throughout the year, being vital the use of sunscreen to prevent burning and improve results.

Its formula contains whitening agents, which promote cell renewal and revitalize the skin. It is indicated to lighten spots, because it regulates the distribution and production of melanin in the skin, which promotes an illuminated skin, improving the texture and brightness.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that lightens the spots, providing a smooth and younger skin, due to its anti-aging action. It is indicated for day and/or night use.


In the morning and evening, apply a thin and uniform layer on the skin in the area you wish to treat. Soon after drying, apply the sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen regularly every 2 hours, to prevent sunburn, darkening of the skin, to maintain hydration and optimize the lightening result. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.


Uniformed skin, hydrated and whitened spots, with an incredible aspect.

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