Adcos Skin Care Softening Toner Sensitive Skin pH Balancing Refreshing and Hydrating Action 240ml/8.11 fl.oz


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Adcos Smoothing Tonic Skin Care Sensitive Skin pH Balancing Refreshing Action Softens and Hydrates Vegan Sensitive Skin 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Skin Care Softening Toner soothes the skin and rebalances the natural pH.

Its formula contains properties that have refreshing action, moisturizes, comforts and soothes the sensitivity. Its actives do not contain parabens, fragrance or dyes, reducing possible irritations.

The line is ideal for those seeking a product for sensitive and sensitized skin, softening and reestablishing comfort.


Apply the facial tonic daily, in the morning and evening, on clean and dry skin. No need to remove.

ADCOS TIP: before applying the Soothing Toner, use the Soothing Soap to sanitize the skin. It has anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and soothing action, promoting a sense of well-being and minimizing skin sensitivity.


Restored, soft and wonderfully hydrated skin.

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