Adcos Skin Care Glow Effect Concentrate Intensive Moisturizer Facial Collagen Stimulating Skin Care 55ml/1.85 fl.oz


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Adcos Skin Care Intensive Moisturizer Concentrate Glow Effect Skin Care Stimulates Collagen Vegan Anti-Wrinkle Action Skin Care 55ml/1.85 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Intensive Facial Moisturizer provides radiant skin because of its glow effect, protects and stimulates collagen.

It strengthens the skin's defenses, nourishes, energizes, restores skin vitality and deeply moisturizes. The facial moisturizer leaves the skin softer, less opaque and more viçosa, with a non-greasy texture.

Its formula leaves the skin with an instantaneous radiant and illuminated appearance. Its active ingredients promote intense hydration, protect and stimulate collagen, strengthening the skin's defenses.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that promotes a soft skin, reduces roughness, gives more vigor to your skin and intensifies the production of collagen.


Apply the moisturizer on the face, neck and neck after cleansing the skin.


Moisturized, radiant and incredibly revitalized skin.

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