Kit Adlux Shampoo Mask Detok Anti Aging Argila Branca Intense Treatment Hair Care 2x1L/2×33.8fl.oz


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Adlux Professional Kit Detok Shampoo & White Clay Mask 2x1L/33.8fl.oz

Adlux Professional Kit Detok Shampoo & Mask is an intense treatment that offers growth and hair reconstruction.

The Shampoo leaves your hair soft and hydrated, besides leaving it with intense shine.

The Mask reduces frizz and volume, is indicated for any kind of hair.


With wet hair apply the shampoo massaging with care the scalp. Then rinse.

After washing and rinse the hair well with the Detok shampoo, apply the mask and let it act for 20 to 40 minutes. Then rinse.


Your hair recovered, hydrated and soft.

Package contents

  • 01 Detok Shampoo 1L/33.8
  • 01 Detok Mask 1L/33.8fl.oz

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