Bórabella Perfecta Biodefinitive System Hair Restructuring 1L/33.8 fl.oz


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Bórabella Perfecta Biodefinitive System Hair Redefining 1L/33.8 fl.oz

Bórabella Perfecta is a smoothing system indicated for all hair types. It has a high moisturizing factor that promotes aligned, disciplined, soft hair with natural balance and intense shine.

The Perfecta Smoothing System has an extensive blend of 12 light nourishing oils, which penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, nourishing and hydrating the hair.

All the active ingredients guarantee a long-lasting professional anti-frizz treatment, completely free of burning or discomfort during the application process.


Apply Bórabella Perfecta Progressiva to dry hair lock by lock.

Leave applied for 50 minutes. Finish following the same professional salon protocol.


Disciplined, frizz-free and hydrated hair.

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• 01 Bórabella Perfecta Biodefinitive System 1L/33.8 fl.oz

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