Borabella Progressive No More Cry Step 2 Professional Treatment 1L/33.8 fl.oz


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Borabella Progressive No More Cry Step 2 Professional Treatment Bio Complex Sericin Amino Acids Ojon Hydration Discipline Shine 3D Gloss 1L/33.8 fl.oz

Developed with high technology Borabella Progressiva No Chore Mais, allows wonderful hair, completely free of frizz and extremely bright.

Its innovative formula contains Blend of excellent assets that restructure the hair fiber, as it has low molecular weight that acts to restructure the cortex and reorganizing the hair cuticle.

The line is ideal for those seeking an innovative treatment. Its formulation is indicated for rebellious hair, wavy, colored, curly, its action controls the volume, providing aligned hair and free of frizz.


With clean and humid hair, apply the Treatment with the help of gloves or brush.

After that, massage the locks with your hands one by one and then use a comb to align the hair and redistribute the product evenly from the roots to the entire hair extension.

Wait for the pause time of 40 minutes for the product to act on wavy and blond hair, 60 minutes for very wavy and curly hair and 90 minutes for very thick and difficult hair.

For better results, every 20 minutes comb through your hair to keep it aligned.

Remember that first of all, you will need the help of a professional hairdresser to do the application and get the desired results.


Disciplined, loose, light, soft hair with controlled volume and extremely intense shine.

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