Cadiveu Boca Rosa Hair Serum Quartz Conditioning Liquid 65ml/2.2 fl.oz


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Cadiveu Boca Rosa Hair Serum Quartz Liquid Conditioning Finisher Split Ends Exterminator Shiny hair 65ml/2.2 fl.oz

Developed for all hair types, the Boca Rosa Hair Quartz Liquid Conditioning Serum is a finisher that provides the perfect balance, ensuring a silky look to the hair.

Formulated to promote an impeccable finish, the Serum is used right after brushing or straightening.

The line is ideal for those who want extremely shiny and frizz-free hair.


With clean, damp or dry hair, spread the Serum from the length of the hair to the ends. No need to rinse. Finish as desired.

The Experts Teach You

A great tip is to apply the serum little by little to your hair. This way you can measure the amount to get the effects of the formula without running the risk of leaving a greasy look.


Hair with sealed ends, repaired, soft and full of life.

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– 01 Boca Rosa Hair Serum Quartz Liquid 65ml/2.2 fl.oz

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