Cadiveu Boca Rosa Leave-in Fluid Conditioning Quartz Spray 215ml/7.27 fl.oz


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Cadiveu Essentials Boca Rosa Leave-in Conditioning Fluid Quartz Spray Thermal Protection Controls Frizz Sealing 215ml/7.27 fl.oz

Developed for all hair types, the Leave-in Conditioning Spray makes detangling easier, controls frizz and protects hair from damage caused by heat from hair dryers, straighteners and thermal curlers.

Its formula provides the perfect balance in the hair, leaving it protectedsoft, and faster drying.

The line is ideal for those who want a product that makes untangling easier and guarantees a silky touch, promoting discipline to the hair.


Spray the leave-in on wet or dry hair. Finish as desired.

Our Experts Teach You

Remember that the straightening board and the hair curler cannot be used on wet hair, since, when wet, the hair becomes more fragile and susceptible to damage. So, after using the leave-in, blow-dry your hair before styling.


Protected, soft, shiny and full of life hair.

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– 01 Boca Rosa Leave-in Conditioning Fluid 215ml/7.27 fl.oz

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