Kit Haskell Leave-in Serum Strengthening Complex Cavalo Forte Complete Hydration Strength Growth 3 Units


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Haskell Cavalo Forte Kit 3 Leave-in & Serum Strength Strengthing Shine & Strengthening Complex

The line Cavalo Forte Haskell was specially developed to bring the best in hair care, hydration, treatment and protection.

The Leave-in prevents hair breakage, rebuilding and strengthening its entire structure, leaving it more resistant.

The Serum is an ideal finisher after hair treatment, because it helps improve reconstruction from the root to the tips. Since it has sun protection, it is not necessary to rinse the hair.

The Strengthening Complex leaves your hair strengthened, repaired, and with lots of shine, in addition to providing resistance, leaving your hair manageable.


Apply a sufficient amount of the Leave-in in the palm of your hands. Spread over the extension of clean and damp hair.

Apply the Sealer to finish the entire hair extension and enjoy the results

Apply 5 to 15 ml of the complex in a portion of the mask that you will use and proceed according to its use.


Your hair fully repaired and reconstructed

Package Contents

* 01 Haskell Cavalo Forte Leave-In
* 01 Haskell Cavalo Forte Serum
* 01 Haskell Cavalo Forte Strengthening Complex

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