Kit Haskell Shampoo Conditioner Mask Leave-in Serum Cavalo Forte Complete Hydration Salon 5 Units


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Haskell Kit Cavalo Forte Shampoo + Conditioner + Mask + Leave-in + Deep Repair Serum

Haskell Kit Cavalo Forte provides intense repair in the hair, helping in hair growth, giving shape to extremely damaged hair.

Haskell Kit Cavalo Forte was specially developed for the treatment of weak and growing hair, bringing with it a formula able to recover and revitalize the hair.


Wash your hair with Shampoo, then apply the capillary mask on humid hair and let it act for around 20 minutes, rinse, apply the conditioner and before finishing with the dryer apply the leave-in.

Apply the Tips Sealer on dry hair from length to ends in a uniform way.


Your hair resistant, repaired and revitalized.

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