Kit Lola Cosmetics Shampoo Conditioner Mask Morte Súbita Intense Hydrating Hair Care 3 Units


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Subita Death Kit moisturizes and repairs hair for an effect of shine and softness from the first application, eliminates the damage and dryness of weakened fibers, thus returning the strength and nutrients for healthy hair and protected from future damage.
Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea, Coconut Oil and Proteins: restore the lost moisture immediately, form a nourishing film on the hair and strengthen the fiber against breakage.

Creatine: conditions the hair and facilitates combing Lipids: helps restore moisture, strengthens and softens hair Pantenol: balances and retains moisture in hair fiber Phytantriol: protects against heat and prevents the formation of frizz.
Lola Cosmetics Sudden Death Home Care – Shampoo 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Shampoo designed for damaged hair, eliminating dryness and strengthening hair with ease and softness.
Lola Cosmetics Sudden Death – Conditioner 250ml/8.45fl.oz: Conditioner for damaged hair, restoring moisture and lost strength for soft and smooth hair.
Lola Cosmetics Sudden Death – Mask 450g/15.87fl.oz: Repairing mask for damaged hair that recovers the split ends already in their first application with nutrients that rescue the natural moisture of hair fiber, shine and softness of hair.
Apply the Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently. Rinse and if necessary, repeat the application.
After the Shampoo, remove excess water from hair, and apply the Mask from length to ends, wait 10 minutes and rinse completely. 
Then apply the Length Conditioner to the ends and massage. Pause Deiex for a few minutes and rinse.
Hair restored, nourished, soft and shiny

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